I think my passion for the auction business stems from spending my early childhood on the catwalks and alleyways of countless sale barns across the nation. I remember the catwalks and alleyways as a playground while my Dad was hard at work either buying or selling our livestock.

As I got older I had the opportunity to be apart of the logistics of planning and working lots of auctions. I loved the excitement and challenge of getting everything ready by sale day. I liked how everyone had to work as a team and how family and close friends would always be present. I began to think about becoming an auctioneer so my two boys could be able to grow up the same way I did, learning to work hard and seeing first hand how a business functions.

What "sealed the deal" was when in 2010 I managed a Safari Animal Park that belonged to my parents that one day would owned by my wife and I. Due to an unfortunate local bank closure they lost the business and just about everything they had worked so hard for. Assets were auctioned off by an court appointed auction company. I watched the auction crew placing bets before the sale on how fast they could sell our livelihood instead of working hard to get the most for the items being sold. 15 minutes after they started I watched the winning crew member running around boasting and waving his winnings. 

After that experience it drove me to attend The World Wide College of Auctioneering, graduating in 2011. I set out to start Garrett Auctions vowing that I would never conduct myself as that unprofessional crew did. I feel that if I can help others sell the items they need to using the passion I have for auctioneering while shooting people straight, how can I go wrong. 

I was raised to treat people the way I would want to be treated. So remember that when you call Garrett Auctions to book your sale.

Trey Garrett & Family